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Mechanics and machine geometry

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Electronics :
Study and modernisation
Mechanics and machine geometry
Our multi-skilled technical personnel enable us to diagnose, fix and restore your industrial equipment. We preventively and curatively ensure the liability and the production efficiency with technical maintenance contract.
Within our 200m² electronic laboratory, we expertize and fix your electronic cards and power supply devices. Every repair work is bench tested and saved in the traceability computer. We offer you a systematic and dedicated technical support for diagnostics and restorations. In addition, we overcome any delays or difficulties thanks to our partners network and spare parts stock with new equipment, standard exchange or alternative product.
Thanks to our project development office, we study and modernize your production facilities. We integrate innovative and modern solutions through CNC, robotics, monitors and machine design.
In order to prevent faults, we intervene preventively and curatively on sub-assembly and machine geometry. Machine adaptation, movement and scraping are also carried out.

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Founded in 1991, HD Automatism is a French company specialized in maintenance and optimization of industrial production equipment. More than twenty employees allow us to be available and reactive for your constant needs. Together, we will find the best-suited commercial and technical solutions in the machine tool, automatism and robotics domains.

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